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Why Order Food When You Can Go Out And Explore Yourself

It has become a stressfree hobby for everyone these days to order food online. Just browse for a few minutes, locate your favorate dish and click order. The hot delivery comes on time, and the fresh food smell hits your nose. You open the container and eat hot little watery food. If something goes wrong with the delivery, a complaint can get your money back. Do you like this kind of mechanical life? Not me!

I know, this will be a non-sense article for those people who wants to give reasons for ordering food. But if you have a couple of minutes to spare, maybe this writeup could change your mind. If you do not like the article, let me know in the comment section below. I will not keep you on hold as that customer service calls.

One day, I was near Indiranagar. I met a friend who works and stays in the same area. While conversing with him, I mentioned him about a street chat shop which is right next to his office. This chat shop is famous for its delicious cutlet masala. My friend was unaware of its existence even though it is an old shop. Then we spoke for a bit, and I introduced him to the famous cutlet masala. He still eats there almost every day before he goes back home. What is the moral of this? Get your ass up and explore.

Didn't convince you still? No problem read more.

Swiggy, Zomato & Other Online Delivery Scams

Even though thousands of people order every day, how many of you know that these so-called delivery companies are ripping you off? Companies like Zomato overcharge their customers to make a good profit for themselves.

Imagine I order food from a restaurant nearby which costs me 100 rupees. The Zomato/ Swiggy people add 10% on each menu item (i.e., I pay 110 rupees for 100 rupees food item). Zomato/ Swiggy will also add something called as Package Charges (it varies from 10 rupees to 35 rupees) plus a delivery fee of 35 rupees. The total bill is rupees 155 rupees which means you are paying 55% extra on your food. Zomato/ Swiggy also gives 10% off sometimes on food. If you are good at math, I do not have to explain. They also want you to pay a surcharge if it's raining and adding tips for the rider which may or may not go to the rider's pocket. On the top, there are cases like Delivery Person eating your food.

85 + 10% = 93.5 = 94 rupees (Scam)

Package Charges for Already Packed Ice Creams

Get out!

There are a lot of advantages if you go out. You can explore different restaurants, street food and even cuisines. Just a walk outside can also save you money. The places you find outside is more delicious and fresh than the one you order. You know why? Most of the restaurants (if not all) cook and keep parcels ready for quick service. The package reheated when ordered and delivered to you. You can also explore the restaurants' hygiene conditions when you visit yourself. Don't you love to walk hungry to the restaurant and walk back to your home or restaurant with a sense of filled tummy satisfaction? You can burn some calories as well.

So do not waste money sitting your ass off and ordering via online food delivery apps who scam you black and blue. Just go out and eat, explore and enjoy your meal to the fullest. Order only when it is necessary on in an emergency.

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