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Top 10 Tips for Taking Your First Solo Trip

Travelling solo needs a lot of courage, as you have to make your own decisions. There are a lot of things to take care of like, tickets, packing light, making a plan and not leaving anything behind. Male and Female solo travellers encounter different challenges. This article will help you overcome some of the hurdles which you might face during your solo trip.

So here you go, after Seventeen years of solo travel, here are my top 10 tips for taking your first solo trip!


The first thing you need before doing anything is confidence and if you are travelling alone to an unknown destination then definitely, you need a lot of Confidence. Approach people confidently and be casual always.

My First Solo Trip

Be a Local

Study about the culture and tradition of people, and try to blend in. Do not make it obvious that you are a solo tourist but understand the people and behave similar to the crowd. Even though people might easily identify you as a tourist, your local knowledge and behaviour will help you stay away from scammers.


Smile is a universal gesture and never forget to carry that on your face. A smile can help you make friends and can help you explore more.

Make Plan-B

Even though you might have a perfect plan in place, it is very important to have an alternative plan. Sketch a Plan B, so that you are not stuck anywhere.

Take a Step Back

Check maps and transport schedules before you start your journey from your hotel or airport. Stop plan, enquire and then move ahead. you’ll be much more focused if you take a step back and check what you are doing.

Keep someone Informed

It is always important that you rope in your family or friends by sharing your current details. It is very important to let someone know about your whereabouts.

Advanced Reservation

It might be a plane or train tickets or even hotel, preplan, and reserve. You are going to an unknown place, therefore, it is recommended that you are well-planned by reserving tickets or stay.

Carry Less Luggage

It is always better to travel light with a maximum of 2 bags. Carry what you need and try to carry as less as possible. Also, keep your money, purse, gadgets well-concealed.


Do not stay stuck in your room watching TV or mobile. Go out and explore by walking around and talking to the locals. Keep your mobile in your pocket, and open your eyes and ears.


It might be stressful on your first solo travel. Do not break your head, just relax and go with the flow. One step at a time and the journey would be more fruitful than you could imagine.

Happy Journey

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