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Top 10 Best Destinations in the world to celebrate New Year 2020

The countdown has begun, and New Year is approaching at an alarming speed. Are you running out of ideas and don’t have a plan for New Years? Let’s get out of the house and join the parties with the top 10 best destinations that will offer you a fantastic NYE experience. Each one of these locations is unique in their celebration of the New Years Eve. Whatever your preference is, we got you covered for the best New Year. It is grand because you’re not only entering a new year but a new decade!

New York

The grandiose celebration of New York City with the ball drop is a trademark of the New Year’s Celebration. With several celebrities joining the Time Square for music, dance and magic, the light shows and fireworks amplify the most exciting event of the year. Countdown with the people and you may even get to follow the tradition of kissing at the start of the new year’s. All the while you may get to spot yourself on TV as the entire nation watches the live celebration, with confetti raining over everyone like colourful snow.


London becomes dazzling with lights at the occasion of the New Year. There are many old bars for you to hit and cheers to the New Year while the sky gets embellished by the vibrancy of the colourful fireworks that marks the beginning of the new year. You will witness the light shows and count down to 12 with over 300,000 people.


The city is one of the first in the world to welcome the New Year. So, if you want to be the first to welcome it, this is the place for you. Summer is starting in Sydney at the occasion of the New Year. You will feel the excitement of New Year in the atmosphere with the aerial messages and preparations of the fireworks with light shows. It is popular for its exhilarating fireworks, best witnessed from the boats.


If you are looking to start your new year like a Viking, wild and free-spirited, then Edinburgh is certainly the place you should start your New Year at, especially with the adventurous activities like diving into the river forth. Edinburgh celebrates New Year for three days, and it is evident with the exuberance in the ambience of the city, also known as Hogmanay Celebrations. You can be part of the dancing on the streets and groove to the beats of music concerts with international artists, hit the pubs, and much more.

Madeira Islands

With scenic beauty, embellishment of colourful lamps and the world’s largest fireworks, Madeira Island offers you one of the most charming ways to begin your new year. The port of Funchal to the decks gets covered by the people witnessing the vibrant display and celebrating New Year.


Asia’s best nightlife city is ready to welcome New Year with you. If you like partying, hitting the clubs and throwing caution to the wind, Bangkok is a perfect city for you. With Time Square’s counterpart Central World Square, you will manage to have an experience that parallels and in some ways, surpass the New York’s Time Square.


The most rejuvenating beach turns opposite during the night of New Year. You will find it full of extravagant life with events like parades and masquerades. There are fireworks, street dancing, light shows, carnivals, bands and much more with the blend culture and tradition. If you’re looking for an exotic celebration, this is the spot.

Cape Town

If you’re looking for another three days celebration, but with more dancing and partying with fireworks, music and light shows, then Cape Town is perfect. With clubs and parties, there are also beaches available for the celebration. Topping it all is the exquisite food and delicacies you can relinquish in the occasion of New Year.

Hong Kong

A ravishing authenticity of the culture will resonate with your soul if you decide to spend the new year with Hong Kong. The city will be full of delicious food, vibrant lights and flamboyant fireworks that are unique in designs. You will get to witness the cultural performance and dances, especially the mesmeric dragon scene. It is certainly a different experience for those who like something Oriental.


For the most independent celebration where everything goes, Berlin will help you get one of the most feasible fests in the world. With a large crowd of millions of people spread across the area of 2 miles, Berlin will enthral you with its free show until 3 AM. Full of music, laser shows, DJs, fireworks and food. It is one of the best cities for you to hit during New Year, as it is a grandiose celebration.

So where would you like to celebrate? Let us know in the comment section below.

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