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RRR Hotel Review | The Best Andhra Style Restaurant In Mysore

RRR Hotel at Gandhi Square

Mysore is a historic city known for the famous Mysuru Palace. According to Tourism Ministry data, Mysuru Palace gets the highest number of visitors in India. Even though so many visit Mysore, not many know about good restaurants in Mysore. The RRR Hotel is famous and recommended restaurant, not many tourists are aware of it. Located in 2 places in Mysore, RRR Hotel is always jam-packed with hungry locals and foodies like me. This article might help people discover this place and maybe inspire you to visit at least once.


RRR Hotel is a famous Andhra Style restaurant known for its delicious Andhra Meals & Andhra Style Pulao Biryani. The first time I had Biryani at RRR Hotel was when I was a kid and I still remember the taste. Recently when I revisited, the flavours are intact like how it was years back. This shows that the restaurant caries consistency in flavouring and quality. The Andhra meals, on the other hand, is a satisfying and unlimited meal experience.

The Andhra meal is purely vegetarian, and if you want, you can try chicken dry fry boneless which matches the meals as well as the Pulao. I love having Andhra Style Pulao and chicken dry at this place and I would never miss going to RRR Hotel whenever I am in Mysore. So next time, you are in Mysore do check out RRR Hotel and tell me about it in the comment section below.

RRR Hotel at Lashkar Mohalla


Gandhi Square, Near Mahatma Gandhi Statue,

Lashkar Mohalla, Chamrajpura,

Mysuru, Karnataka 570001

Lashkar Mohalla, Mandi Mohalla,

Mysuru, Karnataka 570001

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