• Jayanth Dev

Review of Chandru hotel, Chikkaballapura

Chandru hotel located in Chikkaballapura is a go-to restaurant for those who are travelling to Nandi Hills from Bengaluru. Chandru hotel is a pure non-vegetarian military-style restaurant very famous for its Pulao/ Biryani and Ragi Mudde/Ball. Chandru hotel located on the first floor and the sitting area is small. Even though the ambience is not at its greatest, it's always crowded.


Chandru Hotel used to be famous locally but, it started attracting crowd from Bangalore and those who travel to Nandi Hills. Chandru hotel serves delicious military-style non-vegetarian delicacies. Chicken and Mutton Dishes like Pulao, Indian Meatballs and different types of fries are available. Chandru Hotel also serves Ragi Ball, Leg Soup and even Lamb intestine. This was the first time I visited and to be frank, I loved the food. The Pulao taste was exotic like the meat was cooked to perfection, and the flavours were little spicy and sour but tasted delicious. They also followed the new-normal procedures and was hygienic. Chandru Hotel didn't disappoint me at all because it was just delicious. The military-style recipes were old and felt very authentic. I would endorse this restaurant and I am sure, you would also do the same when you try it.

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