• Jayanth Dev

Paikanyai Bar: A Very Unique Bar in Bangkok, Thailand

Paikanyai Bar (Thai: ร้านไปกันใหญ่) is a bar & restaurant located on Nuan Chan Alley in Bangkok, Thailand. Know for its nightlife, this bar also offers delicious mouthwatering food including grilled delicacies. Paikanyai Bar is famous for something else which is not related to food or drink. It is well-known for its beautiful waitresses who makes you and your drink more delicious.

Paikanyai Bar's beautiful waitresses can also join you for drinks, however, there are limitations in what you can do. Even though it's unclear about your engagement with the pretty girl, it is obvious that you cannot take them with you. Some of the girls who work at Paikanyai Bar are usually Instagram models who maybe work for some extra bucks.

As a customer, you can expect a lot of things from this Bar & Restaurant. The first is the beautiful women company you get, and if you are feeling low, these girls will charm you and make you all happy. The next thing is the food, many locals love this place for its amazing bar food which includes seafood and barbeques. They also serve all kinds of liquor including cocktails and chilled beer.

Even though Paikanyai Bar is one of the most famous bar and restaurant in Thailand, many tourists are unaware of its existence. Even at this bar and restaurant, you can hardly find any farangs or tourists, but it's jampacked by locals.

So if you would love to experience something new, I would recommend you to check out Paikanyai Bar and Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.


ซ.ประเสริฐมนูกิจ 33, Nuan Chan Alley,

Bangkok 10240, Thailand Ph: +66 834474777


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