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New Govinda Rao Military Hotel Review | Bangalore's Oldest Restaurant

The New Govinda Rao Military Hotel started in the year 1908, is the oldest known restaurant in Bengaluru. Located on Cottonpet Main road, this restaurant serves authentic Donne pulao. This restaurant was previously called Govinda Rao Military Hotel was relocated hence they added new. This restaurant started by Govinda Rao was initially for the British East-India military then it became famous and continued to be the leader in serving authentic Donne pulao. It is said that Donne Pulao recipe came from this restaurant.


The New Govinda Rao Military Hotel serves Donne pulao and its recipe is more than a century old. The authenticity is undoubtedly real, therefore, commenting on it would be the stupidest thing ever. This restaurant serves other dishes as well but mainly starters like fry and dry. So the biryani or pulao at New Govinda Rao Military Hotel is ok, I mean it did not reach the expectation what I had. I have had food at many Military Restaurants and the spice was a big miss. This Donne pulao was slightly bland and the flavours were not that impressive. The Donne pulao is supposed to be very spicy as how the Military guys liked but it was less maybe because of the public demand. The meat and rice were beautifully cooked. I also tried chilli chicken and pepper chicken which was delicious. So overall, New Govinda Rao Military Hotel was a hit and a miss according to me. I would recommend you to try it once and let me know what you feel in the comment section below.

Note: According to the owners of New Govinda Rao Military Hotel, The SG Rao Military Hotel is a fake restaurant started by the employees of the real Govinda Rao Military Hotel.



No. 7, Cottonpet Main Rd,

opposite Suda Lodge, Akkipete,

Cottonpete, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560053

Ph: +91-9743938590

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