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Mango Tree Restaurant Review | Hampi's only Famous Vegetarian Restaurant

Outside view of Mango Tree Restaurant & Virupaksha Temple

Hampi is historically one of the promising destinations to visit, but modernization is much limited. You can expect a decent stay and average transportation services. The food scene is very horrible as there are a handful of restaurants around but serve bad food. In the bunch, the most famous would be the Mango Tree Restaurant. Check the review below.


Mango Tree Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Hampi. Started in the year 1979, Mango Tree Restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant located just next to the Virupaksha Temple. The perfect word to describe the famousness of Mango Tree Restaurant would be "Over-Hyped". I mean it might offer Italian, European, Israeli, Chinese, Asian and Indian Cuisines but the taste and quality don't even reach the surface of above average.

There is absolutely nothing special about Mango Tree Restaurant other than an over-priced menu and over-rated name. People who have grown up without good taste in their mouth would give it a five-star rating. I was disappointed as my expectation of food quality was over the top. So if you are in Hampi and want to go here because it's famous, then I would recommend to head out to a small shop and have maggie noodles. The only positive is the ambience, nice comfortable seating is bliss but food, double thumbs down.


Janatha Plot, Hampi, Karnataka 583239

Ph: +91-9448765213

Jayanth Dev aka Guruji Foodie at Mango Tree Restaurant

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