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Madhan Fish Tawa Fry Review | Bangalore's Unique Street Food

Madhan Fish Tawa Fry is one of the Bangalore's Unique Street Food stall that is locally famous. Dealing with mostly river Fishes, they serve prawn and a couple of sea fishes as well. Madhan Fish Tawa Fry is set every day on a Footpath at Hosakerehalli Crossroad near the intersection. There is no seating arrangement nor shade to stand if it rains, that's what happened with me.

Madhan Fish Tawa Fry is very popular locally, and it is jam-packed almost every day. The spicy cloud of smoke raises from the Tava makes you cough loud and burns your chest. Make sure you do not stand too close at least that might help you avoid the spicy smoke. The place and way the fish is cooking look hygienic. To cook the fish, they used wood and sunflower oil.

Madhan Fish Tawa Fry did not impress me at all. Even though the street food joint is jam-packed, the flavours are not that special. The over oily fish was burnt, little sour and the spice blend was not that good. Madhan Fish Tawa Fry mostly serves river fishes like Rohu, Roopchand, and sometimes you can find Mackerel, Seer, and even Shrimp. The spice blend or the Masala used on all the fishes and Shrimp is the same therefore it doesn't make any difference for me. Even though you can argue that different fishes taste differently, but you cannot applaud a chef for that. The one reason why Madhan Fish Tawa Fry is famous because there is no actual competition to it. I mean it's very difficult to find a place which serves fish in Bangalore.

So my conclusion is, I am not a fan but you can try it if you want too.



Hosakerehalli Cross Rd, 2nd Phase,

Hosakerehalli Layout, Banashankari 3rd Stage,

Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560085

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