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Hotel Hanumanthu, Mysore Review | A Big Disappointment

Hotel Hanumanthu started in the year 1930 by a wrestler named Hanumanthu, has a well-known tale in Mysuru. The wrestler Hanumanthu used cooked mutton pulao every day. The fragrance of the Mutton Pulao was so strong that his neighbours used to come running to his house just to eat that Pulao. Somehow Hanumanthu got an idea to start a restaurant, and from then on, history was made.

Hotel Hanumanthu on Akbar road

The first time I tried this biryani was in the year 2016 during the Karnataka Premier League season. There are multiple hotel Hanumanthu in Mysore, and with little research, I found the real Hanumanthu hotel. The Hanumanthu Hotel which I found to be real is the house of the wrestler Hanumanthu. A small house with four tables and a tiny little kitchen. The fragrance of Hanumanthu Biryani was so strong that even before I could see the restaurant signboard, I could smell the deliciousness. I entered the restaurant and ordered for Mutton Pulao, and I became an instant fan. The flavouring, taste and aroma just made my soul very happy. The Mutton inside was tender and juicy. I was so impressed with the Mutton Biryani that I started marketing to people via speech and my blog Brew & Chew. It also happened that I suggested an Episode in Karnataka Premier League where Dean Jones tries this Pulao. The video became viral and even my blog. It was a boon to Hanumanthu Hotel as it became popular, but it turned out to be a curse to the fans.

Hotel Hanumanthu on Mandi Mohalla

The next time I went to Hotel Hanumanthu was during 2018 KPL. The Hotel Hanumanthu moved to the ground floor from the first floor had more tables and more customers. The whole look of Hotel Hanumanthu was changed. Like always, I ordered Mutton Biryani as usual. But what I was little shocked was that the aroma was missing even inside the restaurant. I got the Pulao, and I was disappointed as I couldn't even smell that strong Pulao Aroma. The first thought was "Maybe my nose has some problem" but then soon I was disheartened. The Pulao was bland (not spicy) with absolutely no flavour. The Mutton pieces were undercooked and were little stinky. The mutton was not cleaned well, and that is the cause of the horrible smell.

Hotel Hanumanthu Devi Mess on Mission Hospital Road

Now foolishly, I was thought to myself that there are bad days in a restaurant and sometimes mistake happen, so I went again after a few days. Thought I will get the best Pulao ever but I was disappointed again as the flavour was just gone. The amazing Pulao made by Hanumanthu was gone. I was hopeful that I could find that taste so I visit Hanumanthu Biriyani on Rathna Simha Street, again the same bad biryani but the Mutton was cooked well. I also went to the Original Hanumanthu Devi Mess on the Mission Hospital Road. The disappointment continued. The fan in me just died instantly.

Still, I didn't lose hope so I did go back to Hotel Hanumanthu one more time just to review the place. This was exactly a year later in August 2019. I had the same complaint of undercooked meat and flavourless Pulao. That is when I decided, enough is enough. I never went back to the Hotel Hanumanthu again. I love eating good food and when a place breaks my heart, I could never go back.

If you are going to Mysore, kindly go to Hotel Hanumanthu and comment below your review & thoughts.

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