• Jayanth Dev

Exploring Lepakshi Veerabhadra Swami Temple

Jayanth Dev aka Guruji Foodie at Lepakshi Veerabadra Swami Temple

Lepakshi is situated just 120kms from Bangalore is a historic town with a history dating back to the period of Ramayana. Lepakshi is the place where Jatayu was killed and attained Moksha or Salvation. Located in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh, this historic city host Veerabhadra Swami Temple built in the Vijayanagara period (1336–1646). Near the temple complex, there is a large granite Nandi bull. Built by Brothers Viranna and Virupanna, Lepakshi also hosts other small temples including Papanatheswara (Shiva) and Raghunathaswara (Vishu) which is placed opposite to each other.

So my entry was pretty epic as I was stopped by security for carrying a camera. I pulled out the rule book and spoke to the manager then I was allowed for a limited time. The entrance looks very small. I thought, maybe the temple will also be small but, soon I discovered that the temple was huge with four entry points. The temple made from stones including the carvings is not monolithic. The most famous thing to see is the hanging pillar, but for me, the most attractive was the sculptures. The reason is that almost all the gods have dad-bods like me. I felt like god checking out those delicious family packs carved out of a stone.

Lepakshi also has a granite Nandi bull which is the largest in India. Veerabhadra Swami Temple is a sight to see, most of the carvings are properly secured, and those Paintings on the seeling is just beautiful to look at. So if you have a chance to exploring Lepakshi Veerabhadra Swami Temple, I strongly recommend seeing the seeling and those sculptures. Plus make that dad-bod observation I did.


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