The Ultimate Food And Travel Guide To Kazakhstan

Basic Travel information

Spoken language: Kazakh & Russian

Currency: Tenge

Population: Around 18 Million

Capital: Nur-Sultan aka Astana

Major Religion: Sunni Islam

Must visit attractions

There are many famous natural and historical attractions to see in Kazakhstan. Some of the main ones are

Big Almaty Lake


Baiterek Tower

Kok Tobe

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Altyn-Emel National Park


and many more.

Where to Stay?

The best place to stay in Kazakhstan is the capital city, Nur-Sultan. Nur-Sultan offers wide varieties of accommodations.

Food & Drinks

Kazakhstan offers delicious Arabic traditional cuisines like Kurt, Baursak, Pelmeni, Kazy, Shashlik, Beshbarmak, and many more.

Important cities to visit

Kazakhstan's capital Nur-Sultan is the best and safest place to visit. You can also visit Almaty.

Best time to visit

The best tourist season time to visit Kazakhstan is between July and August when the weather is perfect throughout the country.


Kazakhstan has various temperature throughout the year. It can become super cold and moderate depending on the month you visit.

Public Transportation

Kazakhstan has many kinds of Public Transportation, and the most popular is the coach/minibus.


Kazakhstan has many activities including hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and ice skate on the world’s highest skating rink.

Important Tips to Travel

  • Bargain, always bargain

  • Get all your papers right and carry the passport every time.

  • Do not talk about or even mention Borat

  • Do not drink tap water

  • Beer, liquor, and wine are all sold but have restrictions.

  • Download Yandex taxi for your taxi requirements.

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