The Ultimate Food And Travel Guide To India

Basic Travel information

Spoken language: Many Languages

Currency: Rupee

Population: Around 1.3 Billion

Capital: New Delhi

Major Religion: Hinduism

Must visit attractions

There are many famous historical, cultural and scenic attractions to see in India. Some of the main ones are

Taj Mahal

Agra Fort

Mysore Palace


Shore Temple

Lalbagh Botanical Garden


Jaigarh Fort

Jaisalmer Fort

and many more.

Where to Stay?

India is a huge country, therefore, it is difficult to exactly pinpoint a location to stay. The country offers various accommodation everywhere, therefore, plan your stay based on your sightseeing interests. My recommendation is South India as North India is a very dirty place.

Food & Drinks

India offers delicious cuisines famous all around the world. Indian food can be divided into regional cuisines

Important cities to visit

India is a huge country, therefore, it is difficult to exactly pinpoint a location to visit. I would suggest visiting places according to your interests.

Best time to visit

The best tourist season time to visit India is between September to February.


India is a huge country with different weather.

Public Transportation

India has many kinds of Public Transportations varying from taxis, railways, buses, metros etc.


India has a lot of activities, however, it depends on the region.

Important Tips to Travel

  • Plan your stay and travel well before you reach India

  • Try to avoid dirty places and street food, mostly from North India

  • Take Off Your Shoes Before Entering a Temple and cover yourself up

  • Learn How to Eat With Your Hands

  • Do not kiss in public

  • Haggle bigtime

  • Do visit North East-India

  • Do plan your trip and stay more in South India

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