The Ultimate Food And Travel Guide To Azerbaijan

Basic Travel information

Spoken language: Azerbaijani

Currency: Azerbaijani manat

Population: Around 9.9 Million

Capital: Baku

Major Religion: Islam

Must visit attractions

There are many famous historical and cultural attractions to see in Azerbaijan. Some of the main ones are

Maiden Tower - Historical Museum

Old City - Historic city centre

Palace of the Shirvanshahs - Historic palace complex with a museum

Gobustan National Park

Yanar Dag - A natural gas fire continuously blazes.

Flame Towers

Muhammad Mosque

and many more.

Where to Stay?

The best place to stay is at Azerbaijan's capital city Baku. Baku does offer you all kinds of accommodations, and the costing seems very reasonable.

Food & Drinks

Azerbaijan offers mind-blowing cuisine and flavours. There are many delicious foods available in Azerbaijan and the most famous is Cake Apsheron. The other dishes include Plov, Lyulya Kebab, Piti, Dolma, Pakhlava, Qutab, Pakhlava and of course Black Tea.

Important cities to visit

Azerbaijan's capital Baku is a must-visit city. You can explore and experience Azerbaijan culture in Baku. You can also explore other places but stay at Baku.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Azerbaijan is between April to June and September to October as the weather is better.


Azerbaijan has many mountains and high altitude, therefore, the climate varies from region to region, however, they are either extremely hot or extremely cold. The Caucasus Mountains get snow in winter and regions near the Caspian Sea experiences extreme heat of up to 40°C.

Public Transportation

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan has buses, trams, trolley-buses and underground services are inexpensive and well connected throughout.


There are a few good adventure activities you can find in Azerbaijan and some of them are seasonal. The main activity is usually related to cultural tourism.

Important Tips to Travel

  • Azerbaijan is a secular country, therefore, you can wear any type of clothes in Baku

  • Beware of high price taxi scam.

  • Use public transport to get around as its cheaper and safer.

  • Do not Litter anywhere in Azerbaijan, it is a crime.

  • Carry your passport as you can be arrested if police catch you.

  • Do not travel around Nagorno-Karabakh and military areas.

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