The Ultimate Food And Travel Guide To Armenia

Basic Travel information

Spoken language: Armenian

Currency: Dram

Population: Around 2.9 Million

Capital: Yerevan

Major Religion: Christians

Must visit attractions

There are many famous historical and cultural attractions to see in Armenia. Some of the main ones are

Geghard - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Khor Virap - Church with a scenic view

Temple of Garni - A Greco-Roman collonaded building, built-in first century AD.

Haghpat Monastery


Tatev Monastery

and many more

Where to Stay?

The two best cities to stay in Armenia are Yerevan and Yeghegnadzor. Armenia does offer you all kinds of accommodations, and the costing seems reasonable.

Food & Drinks

Armenia offers mind-blowing cuisine which mostly involves meat. The most famous Armenian dishes are Khorovats, Kyufta, Dolma, Borani, Tisvzhik, Bastyrat, and so on. Armenia also is known for its liquor namely Ararat, types of Wine and Brandy.

Important cities to visit

Armenia's capital Yerevan is a must-visit city. You can explore and experience Armenian culture in Yerevan. I would also recommend Yeghegnadzor for a nice sightseeing experience.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Armenia is between June and October as the weather is kinda comfortable.


Armenia is a highland, therefore, the climate is either extremely hot or extreme cold. December, January and February are the coldest and March, April is the hottest. May is usually the wettest month in Armenia.

Public Transportations

Although you can find buses and trolleybuses, the most common type of public transportation in Armenia are the minibuses. You can also find Taxis but it is a bit expensive for travellers.


There are a lot of adventure activities you can find in Armenia like Paragliding, Trekking etc.

Important Tips to Travel

  • Armenia borders with Turkey and Azerbaijan which are always closed therefore entry from these borders are impossible.

  • In Armenia, you can also use dollars.

  • Discuss the rates before hiring a taxi as you can be scammed.

  • Do not wear anything bright or low-necked clothes in smaller towns in Armenia because of its orthodox culture.

  • Do not discuss or criticise any Armenian national issue in public.

  • Free drinking water is available everywhere

  • Armenia is a highland country, therefore, you can experience a lack of oxygen.

  • Do not forget to haggle in markets.

  • Armenia is very cheap to travel compared to other europian countries.

  • Do not photograph anything related to the military.

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