Hi! I'm Jayanth Dev, aka Guruji Foodie.

In Short... I’m obsessed with eating delicious food, exploring the world and getting as lost as possible. I thought to myself, why not I take my camera along with me on my journey and write my experience online. The result is what you are currently seeing!

In Long... It so happened that in 2010, I joined a website company as a content writer. My first job after college and since then, I have only worked for my family. I am not a talented person, but somehow I picked up a couple of things from my company and started a blog. The blog was about me and myself. The writing aspect, however, kept going on and made a career for a few years.  I learn things quickly, and that is what motivated me to learn dozens of things like designing, copywriting, SEO, blog making, basic website designing etc. I also learnt to play Saxophone & Flute. Many people might be surprised and think that I am very talented, but I always considered myself as an average person. Even though I can do many things, I have never got a great opportunity in my life to succeed. 
Passed on from Job to Job, working for a different company in different designations, I learnt so much more but couldn't get better at anything. I started a company named Popupster, and currently, that is what is feeding me. Many people know Popupster and how it delivers exceptional content, and designs in a short period but the fact is, I do everything myself. You might be wondering why I am writing my sad history here. The truth is, I am putting my entire life on this blog. 
I have created my websites for many clients to date, and I single-handedly created an immense website called Untold Pattaya. I created the website, wrote/ still writing content, SEO, designs, Social Media Marketing etc. I had a food blog as well, which is currently on hold as I am putting all my efforts here. 
Come join me, and my blog on this journey of self-discovery!

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